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Call on a Melbourne Business Coach Who Will Call it Like it is. 

“The most successful business people I know all have many things in common, and the number one thing they do is have advisers coaching and mentoring them to optimise performance.” ~ Keith Collins

Customised Coaching for success-minded Business Owners and Executives. 

The top business leaders and companies in the world didn’t get where they are by accident. And, they didn’t get there all alone either. The trademark of strong leadership is having the confidence to be self critical. It takes courage to recognise your weaknesses. But, only by recognising areas of improvement is it possible to make ourselves or our businesses stronger! This is why those top leaders and businesses regularly seek the outside perspective of consultants to help keep them on track and on top of their game. 

If you want to take your business to new levels of success, chances are you could benefit from a little outside perspective, as well. And, what you don’t want is a “Yes-Man”. You want someone who will be Frank, Honest and Upfront about where you can improve. You want someone who has the experience and expertise to help you set real goals and make changes for the better. 

That someone is business coach Keith Collins. Contact me right away for no-nonsense, straightforward coaching and consulting in the following critical business areas and more: 

Leadership Coaching 

  • Learn proven strategies for managing people and projects.
  • Gain the trust, confidence and devotion of co-workers and/or staff.
  • Develop key skills for communicating your vision, plans and more.
  • Grow into the leader you’ve always wanted to be.

 Business Check-ups

  • Honest, unbiased assessment of your business’s overall efficiency.
  • Staff performance evaluations.
  • Systems inspections.
  • Expert advice and detailed action plans for improvement.

 System Optimisation/Implementation

  • System performance and efficiency analysis.
  • Project management for implementing new systems or procedures.
  • Future systems planning.

Sales & Marketing Coaching

  • Target audience analysis.
  • Marketing effectiveness assessments.
  • Brand building.
  • Customer relations improvement and more!
  • Sales techniques and Training that’s Guaranteed to increased sales.


Contact Keith to set up a free Strategy Session.


"Through the support and growth of Melbourne Businesses my goal is to create more employment opportunities, thereby creating stronger businesses, a better economy and prosperity for all!"

Keith Collins - Business Coach Melbourne

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