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If your business is not quite ready for One-on-One Coaching but you're still looking for help that will guide you to the next level then our ActionCLUB Group Coaching is the right choice for you.

It is the most practical, dynamic and profitable business building program you'll ever invest in and here's why.........

The first steps in building a great business are all about building a solid foundation and that's what the Business Mastery Group Coaching Program is all about.

You'll work with the ActionCOACH Team:

  • Getting clear on the goals of your business and what it takes to create your ideal business
  • How to take control of your time, team, profit and cash flow so you have a strong foundation for growth
  • How to define your niche to build a competitive advantage
  • Identifying the top marketing and systems strategies for your business to give you momentum going forward

You'll leave this program knowing 'how' to do what you need to do to create the business you have always wanted.  And not only that..... you will have implemented many of the strategies during the program.

You will

  • Learn proven Business strategies and apply them in your business Today
  • Apply the skills you learn to 'Any Business'
  • Network with other Business Owners
  • Invest in your Future

Topics covered may include:

  • Mindset Mastery
  • Destination Mastery
  • Leadership Mastery
  • Time Mastery
  • Financial Mastery
  • Cashflow Mastery
  • KPI Reporting Mastery
  • Delivery Mastery
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing 1 & 2
  • Creating your Niche
  • Building a Marketing Plan
  • Sales Made Simple
  • Average Dollar Sale
  • Recruitment
  • Team Building/Training
  • 90 Day Business Planning
  • DiSC Behavioural Profiling

ActionCLUB Group Coaching is popular with Micro Businesses and Startups, and is run on a fortnightly schedule.


"Through the support and growth of Melbourne Businesses my goal is to create more employment opportunities, thereby creating stronger businesses, a better economy and prosperity for all!"

Keith Collins - Business Coach Melbourne

To learn more about Keith and his Business Coaching firm 'The Action Centre Click Here

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