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Total Trade Management

Adam Di Florio from Total Trade Management talks about his experience with Action Victoria Business Coaching

"Brett was fairly straight forward in that he was not here just to sign you up"

How accountable are you to your coach?

"The accountability is that I suppose I set Brett goals in the questions that I ask him and then he sets me the goals with his answers to those questions and then we test and measure.."

How do you manage staff and workflow?

"Brett had me implement new roles and responsibilities, their job descriptions are all detailed they were given KPI's and it's just given everyone so much more direction.

What Brett’s opened my eyes up to is the business side, what it actually takes to manage a business, to own a business, but a successful business - not a job.

The biggest benefit is the consistency - we've now got a lot of consistency in our turnover, in our workload, whereas before we were more, couldn't keep up one month, not knowing what to do the next.

I very rarely work weekends, I play golf once a week on a Thursday now so it’s freed up there and I also get home at a far more reasonable time so I get more time to spend with the family so the results are definitely there."



"Through the support and growth of Melbourne Businesses my goal is to create more employment opportunities, thereby creating stronger businesses, a better economy and prosperity for all!"

Keith Collins - Business Coach Melbourne

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